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Pediatric Physical Therapy - Anchorage Alaska

I'm not sure if my child needs PT. They don't have a diagnosis.

Call and talk with me to determine if an evaluation is the right plan. A diagnosis is not necessary. We can schedule a screening or evaluation if there are concerns but this does not necessarily mean your child will need regular PT services.

Pediatric Physical Therapy - Anchorage Alaska

My baby's head is flat on one side. Is this a problem?

This can often make it difficult for the child to turn their head both directions when on their back. They may also have some asymmetry to their forehead, eyes, or ears. First, make sure your baby has time out of the "containers" (car seats, bouncy seats, swings, etc.). Encourage tummy time. Second, try to put all objects of interest on the side that is not flat to get the child to turn their head to the other side. Consider placement of mobiles, car seat toys, the side that "activity" is going on (people, kids, tv) , and what side caregivers are on with sleeping and diaper changes. Position the child so that most activity is on the side that is not flat. If you don't see noticeable change in a couple of weeks, call to make an appointment. Earlier is better.

Pediatric Physical Therapy - Anchorage Alaska

I have concerns about my baby's head tilt but my doctor said to wait and check it at the next well baby visit. Do I need to wait?

Not if you don't want to. Alaska and Oregon are direct access states which means you are able to see a PT without a doctor's referral. Some insurance do require a referral for payment. The majority physicians are willing to refer when the parent wants PT and I am happy to talk with your doctor. We want a team to create the best plan for your child. Please call for an appointment. Earlier treatment often means fewer sessions are needed.

Pediatric Physical Therapy - Anchorage Alaska

My child receives services through Early Intervention can I still get PT with you?

Yes! It is often very beneficial to get more direct treatment services for your child. Care can be coordinated with them if you choose.

Pediatric Physical Therapy - Anchorage Alaska

I have a Tricare authorization to see another clinic/provider. Can I see you instead?

Yes, if you have not used that authorization. If you have, we need to request a new one.

Pediatric Physical Therapy - Anchorage Alaska

What if I am not able to schedule a time with you?

If I do not have a time that works for you I will try to connect you with another good pediatric physical therapist. A waiting list is used only if there are no other options available or you specifically want to work with me. This is to encourage access to PT services for your child as soon as possible.

Other questions?

E-mail me at pt4kids.ak@gmail.com

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