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We all have the ability to improve our physical condition allowing us to maximize our participation and enjoyment in life. Progress can occur from any starting level. Every person, every child deserves the opportunity for motor improvement and independence.

Achievement of a gross motor milestone, i.e. rolling, sitting, or walking is only one part of motor development. The quality of the skill is equally important. It can make a difference in the child's ability to succeed using their motor skill in different settings. Quality of movement includes being able to use a wide variety of movements within the skill for different conditions. For example, walking on a hard smooth floor is not the same as walking on a very soft carpet or around an obstacle that has fallen into the path. This is the difference between achieving the skill and mastering the skill.

Treatment with PT for Kids,LLC is guided by current theories of dynamic systems and perception-action. This considers the child's abilities, what they are motivated to do, and the environment that surrounds them. Pediatric physical therapy works to improve functional movement with good quality and independence.

Parents (caregivers) are encouraged to be present during sessions. If this is not possible, I communicate with parents before and after the session. Parent training is an integral part of therapy sessions so that the parent can assist and encourage the child to continue skill practice at home. Whenever possible, home activities are kept minimal and incorporated into current home routines to not overburden caregivers.

The goal of pediatric physical therapy is to help kids move their best: to work, play, and enjoy life!

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