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Sharon Skidmore, PT, DPT
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Physical Therapy for Kids, LLC in Anchorage, Alaska provides specialized pediatric physical therapy for infants and children birth-12 years old with movement issues ranging from mild concerns to significant motor problems.

Many parents are concerned when their child is not doing what other kids of similar age are doing or notice an unusual posture or movement. Parents and caregivers are often the first to notice these differences. Your pediatrician or family doctor may also make a referral for PT if they notice a delay in motor skills, atypical posture, or after an injury. PT for Kids can assess your child to determine what movement help they might need. Some kids only require a little guidance with a few sessions and others more consistent therapy.

Specialized physical therapy for children can improve your child's ability to sit, crawl, walk, run, and play. Whether they need a little boost or lots of help, Physical Therapy for Kids can help your child move their best!

"Therapy has done wonders for my child."

- mother of 6 month old treated since 8
"It blows my mind thinking about where my
son was before we came here, just a few
months back, he's made so much progress!"
- mother of 18 month old after 5 months of
"My son has such a wonderful time at PT and
has improved so much in less than a year."

- mother of 3 year old after 9 months of